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Garden Micro-Business Project

Part of our impact in the community of Anselet-a-galet Haiti is through jobs and feeding people.  We have acquired a 20 acre parcel of land where we are making plans to create a vegetable farm where we will sell vegetables and water through our clean water project.


The Garden Micro-Business initiative at GOLI aims to establish sustainable agricultural practices on La Gonâve Island, Haiti, empowering local communities through training and resources for small-scale gardening and farming. 

However, the success of this program hinges on the water project, as access to clean water is essential for irrigation. With 20 acres of farmland and a water desalination machine in place, GOLI requires support to prepare the soil, ensure security for the water machine, and provide education for students and adults on farming techniques. 

This initiative not only addresses food insecurity but also promotes economic development and environmental sustainability, contributing to improved livelihoods and resilience in communities facing challenges.

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