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Our Story

About GOLI


Gifts of Love was established in 2003 as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit by St. Louisans Don & Barb Kassebaum after serving together for many years in Guatemala and other countries helping underprivileged children.


GOLI partners with individuals and corporate sponsors to provide love and care for underprivileged children, including two schools, a free health clinic, two churches, school and community feeding programs serving 4000 meals to over 1000 people daily, and a mentorship program for adolescents.

Children’s Home


After serving in Guatemala for over twenty years, a new chapter began in 2008 when the Kassebaum’s purchased 26 acres in Guatemala for the Ninos Amados Children’s Home, for underprivileged children in a small town named Brito.  In 2012 Ninos Amados Children’s Home opened its doors to hurting children and families from the surrounding community. The children's home has been a way that we have provided a home where children experience Christ’s love in an impactful and life-altering way. 


Nutritious meals, clean water, and clean clothing are provided daily. While these children aren’t adopted into a family in the traditional sense, they do experience genuine love from “house parents,” whose job is to support and care for these children full-time. Many of these kids have experienced excess amounts of trauma. Our on-campus psychologist works tirelessly to repair the mental turmoil these children have had to endure from a very early age while rebuilding relationships between the children and their biological families. 


GOLI also has created a pathway for individuals to make an impact through its child sponsorship program for the children of Ninos Amados.  When you choose to sponsor a child through GOLI, you are helping to provide them with the essential resources they need to grow and thrive.  These include access to healthy meals, private educational opportunities, and a safe home environment.  A small monthly contribution can help bring hope, healing, and love back into a child’s life.

Haiti Feeding Program


Work in Haiti began 20+ years ago with a group of faithful, committed people that established the work that we now call GOLI - Haiti.  This work includes critical areas of need like a water project, a health clinic, a school, a feeding program, and a computer lab with internet.  


All of this was created, developed, and funded by volunteers and corporate partners committed to a child’s most innate need while blessing GOLI with the opportunity to love and care for children at the most fundamental level.  The Haiti feeding program runs 6 days a week, serving 4000 meals to over 1000 children per day, and in many cases, is the only meal a child may have on that day.




At GOLI, we work to heal the wounded, the sick, the brokenhearted, and the lost. The redeeming work of Christ continues to reach places modern medicine cannot.  We believe in taking the proper steps to not only treat the physical but give spiritual care to every patient we are blessed to serve. 


In Guatemala, the health needs of our children are provided for by a doctor and a dentist that travel to the Children's Home to provide care.  


In Haiti, GOLI provides children with healthcare through a doctor on staff that sees 30 children a day at our free outpatient clinic, three days a week, treating illnesses while further preventing others that exacerbate malnutrition.  A volunteer dentist also provides care as well.




GOLI’s faith-based education helps empower children by providing the tools and education they need to thrive.  Students are given a supportive yet academically challenging environment where they can grow in both knowledge and understanding. 


In Guatemala, Ninos Amados Christian School provides educational opportunities for K-9th graders who otherwise wouldn’t be given any. Students are taught the importance of Biblical principles and what it means to live a life for Christ.  The children are equipped with real-world tools to thrive through work-study programs and instill a strong work ethic in them. 


Proper hygiene, English language training, computer skills, as well as art and music classes are just a few of the things Ninos Amados offers. Vocational training is a powerful tool utilized by Ninos Amados as well, providing children with opportunities to attend trade school and university.

In Haiti, the Christian School is an institution where students are taught the love of Christ and empowered to be bold in their faith. The school equips children with the tools they need to thrive. They are given a faith-based education, challenged academically, and given every opportunity to excel and grow in knowledge and understanding.  Haitian students at the GOLI school have consistently made first-rate grades on the island of La Gonave and are shining examples to all of Haiti.



Mentorship Program

GOLI is helping to impact the next generation of Guatemalans by offering an intensive mentorship program to help students acquire the skills they need to successfully transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Individuals in this program receive support in several areas including budgeting, work ethic, character development, communication skills, values, and faith-based principles.  In addition, they receive temporary housing and job search assistance to help them make a successful transition as a citizen.

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