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Feeding Children

Work in Haiti began 20+ years ago with a group of faithful, committed people that established the work that we now call GOLI - Haiti. Feeding children was, the priority, and remains as our number one priority in Haiti, because hungry children can't learn.


This work was created, developed, and funded by volunteers and corporate partners committed to a child’s most innate need while blessing GOLI with the opportunity to love and care for children at the most fundamental level.  The Haiti feeding program runs 6 days a week, serving 4000 meals to over 1000 children per day, and in many cases, is the only meal a child may have on that day.

Our school provides comprehensive primary and secondary education, emphasizing academic excellence and holistic personal development. Supported by devoted Haitian educators and modern resources, we prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving world, including instruction in English and Digital Literacy. 

Beyond academics, we nurture positive role models, shaping a brighter future for Haiti. With a proven record of outstanding academic achievement, our students are shining examples in Haiti's education landscape. 

Notably, out of the 200 schools on La Gonâve and 50 in Anse-à-Galets, GOLI consistently ranks at the top, attracting the children of the mayor and other community leaders. 


GOLI's plan is to extend education opportunities by enhancing the existing computer lab and offer online college courses. 

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