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Corporate Partnership

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Make a lasting impact - on your business and the world - Partnering with us is good for your business.


Our partnership can change the world. Together, we can tackle poverty at its roots and work with communities to ensure long-lasting change, even in some of the world’s most remote places to be a child.


As well as helping to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, our partnership will give you opportunities to engage your staff, show your customers what your brand values are, and harness the power of business to impact children’s lives.

GOLI is open to innovative partnerships with corporations that share our mission.

Become A Partner Today!

Build customer loyalty


Attract and retain passionate customers willing to back your brand.

Engage your employees


Motivate, unite and empower staff by creating a culture of giving.

Your philanthropy can make a huge impact.

Stand out 


Align your organization with a better future for children around the world.

To discuss partnering, if you prefer, contact us by filling in the below form or by emailing, our team can develop a strategic partnership with you based on your organization’s interests and requirements.
Ways to Partner with Us

Our Impact Together

How we partner together


GOLI partners with individuals and corporate sponsors to provide love and care for underprivileged children in Guatemala and Haiti, including a children’s home, a free health clinic, education, spiritual care, with a feeding program that serves about 4000 meals to over 1000 children, 6 days a week and a mentorship program for adolescents.

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Empower Growth



In Guatemala, Ninos Amados School provides educational opportunities for K-9th graders who otherwise wouldn’t be given any.


Mentorship Program

GOLI is helping to impact the next generation of Guatemalans by offering an intensive mentorship program named CCI that will help students acquire the skills they need to successfully transition from adolescence into adulthood.  Individuals in this program receive support in several areas including budgeting, work ethic, character development, and communication skills as well as values and faith-based principles.  In addition, they receive temporary housing and job search assistance.


In Haiti, GOLI provides children with healthcare through our doctor that sees 30 children a day at our free outpatient clinic, 5 days a week, treating illnesses while further preventing others that exacerbate malnutrition. 

In Guatemala, the health needs of our children are provided for by healthcare workers that travel to the Children's Home to provide care.  


Corporate philanthropy with a global social impact 

GOLI is an international organization, with programs that benefit children and their families in Guatemala and Haiti. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable children.

Hear from some of our current partners about the difference they are making, why they chose to partner with us, and how their staff engage with this part of their work.

Computer Lab + Internet

In 2020, a group of individuals from Cosmos Corporation, inspired by the vision of helping Haitian students access better educational opportunities and online resources like online colleges, and certification programs, organized a series of fundraisers to build a computer lab with satellite internet.  


A cross-functional group worked to provide a way for students at the GOLI school on La Gonave island, Haiti to get the education and training they need to compete for remote jobs with students from developed nations so their income can start a virtuous cycle of provision for the island.  In June 2023 the computer lab hosted it’s first round of training sessions for students and staff of the GOLI school.

The next phase of the project is going to be affording good teachers, supporting an excellent language and skills curriculum, and providing funding for these education opportunities. The goal has always been that La Gonave Island would be a source of hope and provision for all of Haiti.


“If one generation can get access to good paying jobs by US/European standards, the cycle of poverty could be broken in our lifetime.” ~ Guy Medaris, VP Cosmos MPFS

Water Project +

In 2021-2022, the Green Foundation answered the call for the need for potable drinking water and to produce water for irrigation of 20 acres of land for a vegetable garden. The goal for the Water Project is to help empower Haitians on La Gonave Island by teaching farming and to produce food for families and vegetables to sell at the market.  Creating a Garden Micro-Business empowers local La Gonave Haitians with a pathway to create jobs and food for people on the Island which is essentially cut off from the mainland of Haiti due to the current crisis.


Volunteers traveled to the island to plan and develop a site for construction. As of June 2023, the Water Structure is finished and testing is being conducted with the de-salinization equipment and the Garden micro-business is under development.

Water is essential to life and all who have contributed to this project are bringing life to the Island of La Gonave.  Funding for micro-businesses like this is a tangible way for corporate partners to engage with GOLI.

GOLI's impact, together with individuals and corporate sponsors is making a difference to children and their families.


Here are some of our corporate partners.

GOLI Impact

Drive Long-Term 
Business Success Through Positive Social Impact 

Contact: Joe Wurm

Director of Corporate Partnership


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