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Ninos Amados Children’s Home

Ninos Amados provides underprivileged children a home where they experience Jesus’ love in an impactful and life altering way. Nutritious meals, clean water, and clean clothing are provided daily. While these children aren’t adopted into a family in the traditional sense, they do experience genuine love from “house parents,” whose job it is to support and care for these children on a full time basis. Many of these kids have experienced excess amounts of trauma. Our on campus psychologist works tirelessly to repair the mental turmoil these children have had to endure from a very early age, while rebuilding relationships between the children and their biological families. Healthcare is also provided monthly by means of a doctor and a dentist that come to the facility.  

Ninos Amados Christian School

Ninos Amados Christian School provides educational opportunities for K-9th graders who otherwise wouldn’t be given any. Students are first and foremost taught the importance of Biblical principals and what it means to live a life for Christ. We equip our kids with real world tools to thrive through work-study programs, and instill in them a strong work ethic. Proper hygiene, English language training, 21st century computer skills,as well as art and music classes are just a few of the things Ninos Amados offers. Vocational training is a powerful tool utilized by Ninos Amados as well, providing children with opportunities to attend trade school and university.

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Gratia Church

Gratia church believes in restoring broken lives through the power of the gospel. We bring hope to a hopeless and broken hearted by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We understand that actions dictate change, and through every aspect of our ministry, the words we say, the expressions on our face, the way we live our lives, every element of who we are has to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God and the overwhelming work the Lord is doing in and through our body of believers. We raise up new believers, empowering them in spirit and in truth to live a life for Christ, and send them out to do the same.

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CCI Discipleship Program

CCI is a nine month incentive discipleship program, targeted toward the next generation, equipping them to impact the world around them in their God-given spheres. We supply temporary housing for 20 selected adolescence while they master their specific skill set and search for a job in the city, all while passionately proclaiming the redeeming work of Jesus.   

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Haiti Feeding Program

The Haiti feeding program caters to a child’s most innate need while blessing GOLI with the opportunity to love and care for children at the most fundamental level.  GOLI’s ministry in Haiti provides children with the love and support they are longing for through both physical and spiritual avenues. Our feeding program runs five days a week, and in many cases, is the only meal a child may have on any given day.

Haiti Christian School

Haiti Christian school is a first rate Christian institution where students are taught the love of Jesus Christ and empowered to be bold in their faith, for his name sake.  GOLI’s ministry in Haiti provides children with the love and support they are longing for through both physical and spiritual avenues. Our school equips children with the tools they need to thrive. They are given a first rate Christian education where they are challenged academically and given every opportunity to accel and grow in knowledge and understanding.

Haiti Clinic

We believe in taking the proper steps to not only treat the physical, but spiritual side effects of every patient we are blessed to serve. We work to heal the wounded and the sick, as well as the broken hearted and the lost. The redeeming work of Jesus Christ continues to reach places modern medicine cannot.  GOLI’s ministry in Haiti provides children with the love and support they are longing for through both physical and spiritual avenues. Our doctor sees 35 children a day at our outpatient clinic, three days a week, treating illnesses while further preventing others that exacerbate malnutrition.

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