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Our Schools


We are empowering children through education.  Our schools are serving underprivileged children in Guatemala and Haiti.  Ninos Amados Academy was created to help educate children with broken beginnings in the community of Brito Guatemala.  We also serve children through education in the community of Ansele-a Galet, Haiti.  Combined our student population is over 450+ children in both communities.  


Ninos Amados Academy was founded in 2003 as a part of the Ninos Amados children's home in Brito.  Our students receive a top tier education in Guatemala, where our students ear top tier grades.

Fils Brilliant, Sunshine L'Ecole in Ansele-a-Galet was established to serve the children on La Gonave island, Haiti where malnutrition and hunger has been an issue for children learning.  We stand to make a difference at the GOLI school by incorporating a school nutrition program as part of our education that we give.

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