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Clean Water Project

For this project, we will use the water to grow crops to use as food and to create future jobs through a micro-business program that provides an agriculture education and to also provide food in local communities.


Gifts of Love Haiti (GOLI) has initiated the Water Project to combat water scarcity and foster agricultural sustainability in Anse-à-Galets, La Gonâve Island, Haiti. We've achieved significant milestones, including drilling saltwater wells, and acquiring a desalination machine. 


Our current focus is on staffing and operationalizing the water machine for pumping. Our vision includes a flourishing farm and free water access within a 10-mile radius. Partnering with organizations whose expertise include soil conditioning and crop cultivation will strengthen our impact. 


Additionally, investments in education, including the hiring of an agronomist and the implementation of agricultural training programs, will ensure the sustainability of our efforts for generations to come.
Ultimately, GOLI's Water Project is not just about providing access to clean water; it's about building a brighter, more resilient future for the people of La Gonâve Island.

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