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Child Sponsorship Info

"Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the Oppressed." Psalm 82:3


What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is your commitment of $39 a month to help break the cycle of poverty and child abuse. When you choose a child to sponsor, you bring hope, healing, and love into their life. We encourage you to keep your sponsorship for as long as your child is living at Niños Amados. Your monthly sponsorship of $39 is tax deductible.

What does my child sponsorship mean?


The GOLI staff knows what your child needs and can make your gift more personal.

When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift starts working right away. You help provide education, nutrition, and protection to your sponsored child along with all the children at Niños Amados. Your gift combines with the donations of other sponsors to ensure that every child is healthy and loved. Your sponsored child will know who you are. The relationship you build with your child will be a treasure to you both, as you connect with letter writing, photos, and prayer. You are a cherished part of restoring a child in need.

By sponsoring a child, you are changing the present life and creating a new future for a child in Guatemala.

Why does a child have more than one sponsor?


To provide the most secure environment, Niños Amados is a private, closed campus children's home. Most of the children have no family and no visitors throughout the year. We encourage four sponsors for every child, to provide multiple opportunities for each child to receive the gift of friendship and love in unique ways.

Why are some children's resident status permanent and others temporary?


Court order places each child at Niños Amados, and every case is unique. Permanent status means that a child has no family who are living, willing or capable of caring for that child. They will live at Niños Amados until they are 18. Temporary status means a child has a family member as a viable living option. If this person complies with court orders, a judge can rule that person to be the guardian of the child.

The judge can review a child's case at any time an outside request is made. Children then attend their court hearing to await the outcome of their placement status.
In some cases, a child is considered "adoptable" and can be placed with a new family.


Can I write to my child?


Your sponsor child is waiting to hear from you! Here is how to connect.

  • Send a written letter to your child.Mail to:
    Attn: Child Corespondance
    219 Caliburn Ct.
    Weldon Spring, MO 63304

  • Write to your child online in "My sponsorships" using the "Send a Message" Tab.


Will my child write me back?


Yes! Your child will write you one letter a year. Depending on your child's age and ability to write, you could receive more notes throughout the year. Keep in mind that the letter writing process may take several months to complete.


Can I send a package to my child?

Airport customs and limited space, restrict packages from being sent to your child. We encourage you to submit monetary gifts. The Niños Amados Staff knows what your child needs and can make your gift more personal.

A special monetary gift to your child can be made on your "My Sponsorships" page by clicking "SEND A GIFT," or on the Donate page. Be sure to include your child's sponsor number in the Note section on the page.


Can I visit my child?

At this time visits are limited to our pre-planned Sponsor Trips. You can request information about upcoming Sponsor Trips by emailing


A Visit Specialist will review your request and give you the information needed to proceed forward with this process.

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